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Our passion is our craft

The union of two historical companies. 60 years of experience on the territory with the energy of a young and motivated company. The new referent player at 360 degrees in the building field.

A path made of memories,, such as those in black and white of the early years of activities in Emilia Romagna post-war period and of the reconstruction period, during the years of fervent growth of the real estate in the Seventies and in the Eighties, till the recent earthquake of 2012, where we stated the will to go ahead.

ACEA and CLS, two famous and ancient companies merge into a new reality, bringing with them their baggage of skills, achievements and experience in the field on constructions. Together they are the story of people, who have dedicated their lives to do of their territory also their country.
Our heritage is the cities, districts, streets we ride and places that we frequent, where our paths cross and where everyone feels at home.
We arrived till here with the strong belief that “to build” means making a better world in which we live, so that every work is an added value, a valuable resource to leave inherits.
This is the vision that drives usevery day and that always leads us in our work, with the serenity and enthusiasm of those who have passion for their craft.


AeC operates according to rules of conduct focused on fairness and moral integrity, with dedication, sense of duty and responsibility. For us the only possible development is based on honesty and legality.
It is on this conviction that is based our history, our present and our future. Solidarity, equality, dignity and respect and environment care are the values ​​that inspire us, and without which no goals can be achieved.


The success of AeC comes from our will to improve.
It comes from the time and resources that we have dedicated to staff training and continuous monitoring of security requirements in all stages of production.
It comes from the choice to involve employees and suppliers in a process whose aim is the satisfaction of those who work with us, of our customers and the end user.


AeC Costruzioni has developed a model of conduct that collects the values ​​and experiences of the group, according to D.Lgs. 231/ 01 and 81/ 08.
This is a tool that presents guidelines to implement a management system and risk prevention within the company.


    • Carbon fiber structural reinforcements;
    • Piles for special deep foundations;
    • Pre-stressed reinforced concrete and vibrated reinforced concrete Structures;
    • Metal structures;
    • Wooden structure;
    • Seismic isolators;
    • Multilevel underground parking;
    • Bridges in reinforced concrete and metal;
    • Continuous structural facades;
    • Ventilated facades;
    • Demolition robot;
    • Controlled Demolitions;
    • Micro-cogeneration plants;
    • Photovoltaic systems;
    • Plant and district heating networks;
    • Plant and gas distribution networks and water networks;
    • Composting plants;
    • Oven plants for glass;
    • Lifting equipment;
    • Tanks homogenization;



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